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All Industries Salary Survey

The All Industries Salary Survey is a job evaluated survey that encompasses the data collected from every insightpay survey with the addition of data gathered from several other private, government, and semi-government organisations.

The survey is produced in April and October each year with the survey results and job evaluation system accessible to all clients online.

In order to participate, roles must be evaluated via insightpay’s online job evaluation tool, JobscoreTM


per Year

What’s included for survey participants?

Organisations that contribute data to the survey have access to all issues of the survey report produced during the currency of their subscription.

Customised Contributor Reports are also available to participants in the survey which focuses on the formulation of a salary policy specific to the participant organisation.

All participants also have access to insightpay’s online job evaluation tool JobscoreTM.

How does the survey work and what does it offer?

Data in the survey is analysed based on job function and grades within each function. The job functions include:

  • General Management
  • Administration
  • Science
  • Finance
  • Information Services
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Supply
  • Engineering & Technical
  • Strategic Planning & Advisory
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Service


The All Industries survey offers participants a reliable and broad source of remuneration information.

As this is a job evaluated survey, a points-based remuneration equation is available. This enables participants to use Insightpay’s online job evaluation system, JobscoreTM , to obtain useful remuneration data for any position.