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Utilities Salary Survey

The utilities survey is produced bi-annually in April and October and covers organisations involved in, or directly associated with:

  • Water and wastewater catchment, storage, treatment, and delivery.
  • Electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and delivery.
  • Gas production, transmission, distribution, and delivery.
  • Electricity, gas, and water market operators.
  • Environmental, engineering, and operational service providers to the utilities industry.


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What’s included for survey participants?

Organisations that contribute data to the survey have access to all issues of the survey report produced during the currency of their subscription. Customised Contributor Reports are also available to participants in the survey which focuses on the formulation of a salary policy specific to the participant organisation.

How does the survey work and what does it offer?

The survey examines over 200 distinct roles starting with the Board Chairman through to all key functions – as well as specialised industry jobs. The roles cover the following job functions:

Data from both government and non-government organisations across all regions is included.


The Utilities survey offers to participants a reliable source of remuneration information that is specific to the utilities industry.

The survey enables participants to access data for sectors of the Utilities Industry for further accuracy. Specifically, data is available for:

  • Water
  • Regional Water
  • Power

Additional segmentation is also available based upon the size of organisation