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Local Authorities (LARS) Salary Survey

LARS was established in early 1990 and has maintained its position as a leading source of information for setting remuneration policy in Local Government. The survey includes data from all States and a wide range of Council sizes with 150 different types of Council jobs examined. The survey is conducted twice every year in May and November.


types of Jobs

What’s included for survey participants?

Organisations that contribute data to the survey have access to all issues of the survey report produced during the currency of their subscription. Customised Contributor Reports are also available to participants in the survey which focuses on the formulation of a salary policy specific to the participant organisation.

How does the survey work and what does it offer?

All positions surveyed are evaluated and/or matched to job descriptions which means the analysis you receive is also based on job description matches within your organisation. Job points are based on the NRC job evaluation system JobscoreTM.

The survey results are matched by position description and job evaluated, so you can accurately and confidently compare results to positions within your own organisational structure.


The Local Authorities survey offers to participants a reliable source of remuneration information that is specific to local authorities.

Additional segmentation is also available based upon the size of organisation and where sufficient data exists, the state of the organisations.

As many roles in the Local Authorities survey have been job evaluated, a points based remuneration equation is available. This enables participants to use Insightpay’s online job evaluation system, JobscoreTM , to obtain useful remuneration data for any position. The survey covers over 100 jobs, many of which are specific to Local Government.